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Jayne Bateman is an experienced and knowledgable with a passion for working with women and womem's health issues.


Jayne has a wealth of experience in supporting women through a whole range of physical, mental and emotional issues. Often the big emotions in life are felt more strongly when we are having to face these emotions on our own.  Sometimes it is not the emotion that overwhelms us, but the fact that we are struggling alone with it.  Trying to wrestle with some strong feeling inside us, can stir up all kinds of alien or unrecognisable feelings – we need someone experienced who can guide us through this maze of confusion and re-orient us back to our true purpose in life.


An insightful doctor once said, “Physical pain is the result of an emotional problem.  And chronic pain results from chronic problems.”  Whether this is true or not, many people who come for a Homeopathic consultation, having described their physical ailments go on to talk about unresolved grief and sadness, or anger and deep-seated frustrations.  There often appears to be strong connections between our emotional state and our physical health – regardless of what out physical symptoms might be.


"I believe in homeopathy and that it treats the whole body both emotionally and physically, it takes an holistic approach to healing."



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